Our Rent Guaranteed package (Platinum Service) is our most popular, for the following reasons:

  • Rent is guaranteed by Novahomes whether the tenant pays or not
  • Peace of mind in terms of cash flow
  • Less stress if a Tenant has a change in circumstances

Why choose Novahomes to manage your property and tenants:

  • Peace of Mind, security and support
  • Landlords should now be registered with the Information Commission Office if they hold any data for a tenant, but if you use an agent for a fully managed service then you do not need to register with them
  • Letting agents can deal with day-to-day property management and maintenance issues efficiently and promptly
  • As expert in their field, and with good knowledge of market conditions and demand
  • Employing an agent reduces your workload, and possibly stress and anxiety
  • Stringent vetting and referencing procedures mean you’re more likely to attract reliable tenants

For more information and full details of what is included in this service package please click here.

Most Popular Package